one off events

Each year CFS hosts a series of One-Off-Events to bridge the gaps between championships. These one-off events take place between May > October each year and cover a range of circuits and vehicles. The One-Off Events are open to everyone who meets the rules and regulations and are based on a first come first serve basis.

Each time a One-Off Event is complete, the result is recorded with the performance of each driver/team being added to a database. This database will then be used to decide who will be invited into the next championship.

As well as giving teams the opportunity to take part in the championship, one-off events allows teams to race wheel-to-wheel with like-minded racers without the need to commit to a full season.

Each of our one-off events follows a set of rules and regulations that must be obeyed by all teams/drivers. These can be found on the "One-Off Events" menu. These rules and regulations are designed to ensure everyone has fun in a fair environment.

Each event can be found on the Calendar page, with full details regarding time acceleration, Damage, Tire wear and more being posted on the NEWS page on our website. You can find links to these on the main menu for One-Off Events.

In order to register a driver/team for an event simply head over to the main menu and click the "registration" button. Once clicked, it will take you to a separate tab, where you will be asked to select the event you are interested in. Continue to fill out the details required for the event to complete your entry.

Once you have completed the registration form. Join the Discord server, asking an admin for relevant roles. Once you have been given the relevant role, you will be able to see the server details and begin practicing.


- Some events require more than one driver in order to compete. Always check.

- Custom paints must be sent to chequeredflagsimsports@outlook.com

- Ensure you have the required content to participate

- All events have a MANDATORY driver briefing before the qualifying session.