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0.0 - Introduction

Welcome to CFS, a sim racing community dedicated to the world of Endurance Racing. Endurance Racing is in our opinion the best form of Motorsport, it creates an atmosphere and a bond between drivers that cannot be matched in other championship or series. The racing is hard, fast and merciless, with several classes racing all at once for a length of time that can vary from 3 Hours to 24 Hours. Thats why we are looking for like minded racers to help build our iRacing Endurance team. We are looking to expand across all Categories, LMP1, HPD, GTE and GT3 cars. So if you are the kind of Racer that enjoys challenging their limits, working with a team to achieve victory, or if you just are fed up of being wrecked at turn 1 at the mazda cup, you need to join us.

1.0 - Who are Team CFS

CFS, Formely CFEG, was founded by two friends who felt there wasn't a single series that fitted their standards or requirements due to how our lives impacted our free time. We have always loved endurance racing and this has and always will be our primary focus. Ever since iRacing introduced their special events, CFS has been there to race. Over the years we have Learnt from our mistakes, Learnt from our defeats, and used that knowledge to win races. We are proud to say that after years of trying, CFS had its most succesful year of Endurance Racing in 2018. A win at 12h Sebring in both DP + GT3. A 2nd at 24h Daytona. A win at 24h Le mans in HPD/LMP2 and a win at PTLM in GT3. CFS aims to better ourselves. We want to move up the ladder, challenge ourselves against the best in the business. It's a long road to the top, but with the same determination that has gotten us this far, we shall get to the summit eventually. Team CFS drives a variety of cars from LMP1 to GT3. The team is flexible, dedicating time and passion to ensuring the car is ready for every event on the calendar.

4.0 - HPD [LMP2]

Introduced: 2018 Achievements: 24h Le Mans 2019 - 1st place The HPD ARX 01c ranks among the fastest and most innovative sports prototypes ever built. Winner of the LMP2 class in the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the HPD ARX 01c traces its roots to the Acura ARX 01c that scored an historic class win in its debut in the 12 Hours of Sebring and went on to score several overall wins in the American Le Mans Series against the more powerful and (theoretically) faster LMP1 competition. The HPD ARX 01c chassis features a carbon-fiber monocoque with push-rod, double wishbone suspension, front and rear, and is equipped with six piston, aluminum caliper brakes with carbon discs. The car is powered by a 3.4 liter V8 which produces approximately 480 horsepower transmitted through a semi-automatic six speed gearbox. Coupled with the substantial downforce generated by an assortment of wings, flaps and tunnels, the HPD ARX 01c is as nimble as it is powerful and, with the aid of traction control, equally proficient under acceleration and braking. In short, the HPD ARX 01c is the very definition of the modern sports prototype. Although the LMP2/HPD has been in iRacing for several years, it was only in 2018 that CFS introduced it into their line up of Endurance vehicles after an admin took the car for a drive in the Le Mans series. The car is nimble, fast and extremely fun, offering a fast paced experience without the hassle of the hybrid systems found in the LMP1 cars. CFS attempted to defend the title in 2020 as the HPD was due to retire that year. Painted in the new Metallic paint scheme, we was ready to fight and win once again in one last hurra! Sadly, it was not to be, with our car fighting for P2 in class after 2 hours of racing, destroyed by an LMP1.
The moment of Death:

5.0 - GTE [Ford GT + Ferrari 488]

Introduction: 2018 Team Drivers: 2019 Yellow [Ferrari] - Vacant, Vacant, Vacant, Vacant Red [Ford] - Vacant, Vacant, Vacant, Vacant Achievements: N/A Team CFS introduced the Ford GT and Ferrari 488 late in 2018. The Ferrari has seen action at the PDCD 6 Hours of Brands Hatch, but sadly got collected by a few backmarkers which caused considerable damage. The car came home 16th/60th. So a strong result, but it could have been allot higher up the order if not for the issues. The Ferrari is in fact the most recent edition to our ranks, displaying a more "bold" front end compared to other iRacing vehicles. It will be looking to take part in several events in 2019 alongside the Ford GT. The Ford GT is yet to be used by CFS as the team focused primarily on the LMP2 drive at Le Mans, as well as the Mercedes AMG car at PTLM in 2018. We hope that we can run x1 Ford and X1 Ferrari as the team grows! Both cars replicate real life regulations, with no ABS system, restricted aerodynamics and increased power over their GT3 counterparts. This then is a great class to race, certainly a handful for any person taking on an endurance race.

6.0 - GT3 [Mercedes AMG, Audi R8]

Mercedes AMG Introduced: 2015 Achievements: Mercedes AMG Daytona 24h 2019 - 2nd place Petit Le Mans 2018 - 1st place 12h Sebring 2018 - 1st Place Watkins Glen 2016 - 2nd Place 3h Okayama 2015 - 1st Place CFS started racing in the GT3 Category when the first ever iRacing Special event took place. Back then, it was the Ford GT3 was blessed with the CFS banner. Sadly, we didn't see much success, however that all changed when the Mercedes AMG was Released. With this machine CFS has learnt more about endurance racing than with any other vehicle. It has allowed us to hone our skills and push our limits, with most of our success coming in 2017. We of course have also succeeded in other classes, but this Mercedes AMG is where the "climb" began. Audi R8 Introduced: 2018 Achievements: Audi R8 - N/A As iRacing has developed, they released and expanded the GT3 car list. CFS was requested to expand our GT3 car list by a current member. The car in question was the Audi R8. Introduced in 2018 it has yet to see action in a special event on iRacing, but that will change as we expand our line up of drivers!

2.0 - What we expect from Members

Being part of a team is a privelege. When you share a car you are accepting resposibility for that virtual machine. With this in mind, we expect each and every CFS member to meet the following standards to ensure the team is ready for each challenge. - Dedication: Don't let your team down, if you say you'll be there for your stint, be there. Nothing hurts more than being let down by a team-mate and letting victory slip away. This also goes for Practice, your team-mates will be working hard, so doing the same shows respect between peer's. - iRating and Safety Rating: You must have an iRating above 1700, and a safety rating or licence of C or above. This is to ensure the people joining our team, have experience in iRacing, and have proven themselves to obtain a reasonable status on track. - Language: When you represent CFS and drive for us, we expect you to behave in a manner thats professional and relaxed, any abuse given to fellow competitors or teammates will result in you being removed, we want a nice team over here, which im sure everyone can understand.

2.5 - How do I Apply?

It's quick and simple to apply to join! simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page and you are off! Once completed, an email will be sent to our email address @ Your application will be reviewed by an administrator in due course. You should expect admins to view your profile, ensuring the details you provided are accurate. Should you meet the requirements outlined above, you will be contacted by email and asked to partake in a short interview. During this interview, we will ask some simple questions about you. Some examples are "how long have you been racing for?" or "What is your approach to a 24h race?". This is to ensure that you are compatible with our team, bringing a mutual level of contribution to push the team forward. Should you be succesful, you shall be granted access to the iRacing Discord channel, where you can find setups, discuss with team-mates and prepare for the next event. Should you have any issues, you can ask an admin or email us using the address above.

7.0 - Daytona Prototype

Introduction: 2018 Achievments: Daytona 24h 2019 - 2nd Place 12h Sebring 2018 - 1st Place Daytona 24h 2018 - 2nd Place This is not your father's Daytona Prototype. Long known for its "eccentric" appearance, thanks to the Corvette C7, the Daytona Prototype now embodies that old racing maxim: If it looks fast, it is fast. The Corvette C7 Daytona Prototype's carbon fiber bodywork reflects the swept back, brawny lines of its road-going cousin, the C7 Stingray. A single, wide radiator inlet at the base of the nose incorporates the front brake ducts, with headlight and taillight treatments completing the visual ties to the Stingray. This Corvette's speed is more than skin deep. The mid-mounted 5.5-liter, naturally aspirated V-8 develops approximately 600 bhp which is transmitted to the final drive via a six-speed sequential gearbox. The Corvette features a chrome moly chassis equipped with a double-wishbone suspension, including push-rod-actuated coil springs over dampers. Add it all up and the result is a Corvette C7 that is a regular visitor to victory lane in IMSA Tudor United SportsCar Championship competition.

8.0 - GT4 Cayman & McLaren 570s

Team Introduction: 2020
3rd Place - 12h Silverstone (Quarantine 2020)
The Cayman GT4 is the newest addition to the iRacing family. This thing loves to understeer when entering the fast stuff, but that doesn't mean it gives you a numb driving experience. It always feels on the limit, it will understeer, then oversteer if you aren't careful. It requires a perfectly balanced hand in order to obtain that optimal performance which makes it a perfect platform to perfect our racing etiquette in both single & multiclass events. CFS introduced this machine to our line up while in the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020. The lockdowns that took place across the globe led to several members of the iRacing community to create events. One such event was the Quarantine 2020 (12h Silverstone), which was the cars debut performance. McLaren 570s Team Introduction: 2020
Achievments: Introduced by CFS in 2021 the 570's is a nimble British racecar, capable of matching both the Cayman and the BMW competition. The McLaren aims to enter the Creventic Endurance series to achieve similar glory as other CFS cars. She is painted in the updated 2021 paint scheme, which highlights a gorgeous Metallic Blue, with the secondary colours flowing with her stunning bodywork.

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