New - Racing Council (Help keep it clean)

A new racing council is being introduced here at CFS. In order to keep these events clean and fair, we are bringing in our new "Racing council". Experienced drivers can now help suppport their most loved racing organisation by helping us review incidents on track during our events, ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and equally when incidents occur. So how does this work? As always, CFS will have in place a race director (RD), who will call out code 80's review incidents and issue penalties as and when they ae required. The RD will also hold the right to disqualify people who pose a danger to others . This role will always belong to a person inside the CFS admin team and this person al

[Rf2] CFS Petit Le Mans 2020 - The Build Up!

Ever since we went into lockdown the sim-racing world has exploded. People from all parts of the globe have bought equipment both new & old to partake in what can only be described as the only sport replicable in the virtual world. Two weeks ago, rf2 shocked the world with the first ever Virtual 24h Le Mans, gaining the attention of the motorsport world it was the first and potentially the only time that a virtual event would be provided centre stage on such a scale. As the world slowly returns to normality, CFS will host its annual Petit Le Mans to showcase the baby sister course of Road Atlanta in hopes we can once again highlight just how far sim-racing has come in recent months. But what

iRacing - 24h Le Mans & Team CFS

With everything that has happened so far in 2020 it would be easy for people wish the year to simply be over and done with. With the world in lockdown, restricted to their homes, people are turning to technology to ensure their sanity is preseved. E-sports & sim-racing has exploded with activity as we all try to get our racing fix, with the virtual 24h le mans taking place just last week on Rf2. Of course, CFS loves to race as well as host events, with iRacing providing us with the platform we need to sit back, relax and race till we drop. This Saturday iRacing will be hosting the 24h Le Mans once more and CFS will be entering three cars to take on Circuit De La Sarthe! With a victory in 20

[RF2] CFS 4h of Bathurst (26.07.2020)

Conquer the hills of Australia in our 4h of Bathurst event. Taking GT3 machines to this deadly mountain will certainly send shivers down your spine as you climb and descend at breakneck speed! The event will start during the night and move into the daytime similar to what happens in real life, however, this time YOU can be in the driving seat! Find all the details below! DETAILS: **NOTE** - this event is for experienced sim-racing teams. Bathurst is extremely difficult to navigate. Please only apply if you have previous endurance racing experience at a medium > high level. *NOTE* - your performance willbe monitored for the purposes of WSCC S4. Date: Sunday 26th July 2020 Times in BS

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