Rf2 - CFS Petit Le Mans [The Big One!]

CFS is once again hosting the Petit Le Mans at the legendary circuit of Road Atlanta. Choose from LMP2, GTE or GTC (Flat 6) machinery. With so many vehicle choices, there will be something to suit your style. Choose the LMP2, a light carbon chassis powered by a 603 BHP V8 engine! For something less high speed, take the GTE class, powerful, but sensible and with enough aero to find that limit you so desire. If you like a true challenge though, take on the GTC flat 6, no ABS, no Traction Control and a big engine in the back to push you forward. The circuit is special in a unique way, with lap times coming in just over 1 minute! The traffic is so intense it makes the 12h Sebring look like a tod

CFS - New Season, New Identify [Roadmap 2020-2021]

Out with the old, in with the new. Say hello to the new and improved CFEG, now renamed Chequered Flag Simsports [CFS]. We are very excited to unveil our new logo, we personally think it looks much better than our previous one while staying relevant to who we are and where we have come from. Along with this new name change, we are happy to unveil this years events ready to go for this years season May 2020 - April 2021! Why the change? In a changing world it is important to stay relevant. We found that our old name [CFEG] restricted what is accepted as a "typical event" from us. Though our focus will always be endurance racing, this new name allows us to relax & expand into the world of sp

Rfactor2 - WSCC - Fight for the championship!

Last Sunday the teams and drivers of the World Sports Car Challenge took to Circuit de la Sarthe to conclude their championship positions! Both titles were up for grabs, with just 13 points or less separating both the prototype and GT category. As the tensions rose, teams knew they had to perform to claim as many as those remaining points possible before the chequered flag was flown for the final time! With everything that happened, it is sadly impossible for us to cover everything that took place in this round. Therefore, this article will focus more on the battle for the championship titles themselves and how over the 6 hours of racing it changed from ones teams favor, to the other. Do

iRacing - Quarantine 2020 (12h Silverstone)

What does one do when they aren't allowed to go outside? Of course in our case its very easy to answer that question, we race! We aren't alone though and to prove it, the iRacing community has invented an additional special event called the Quarantine 2020. This is a rather strange one, typically the UK is known for club racing. I'm talking Mazda Mx5's, BMW compact cup cars, BTCC and of course the British GT championship. Now if i told you that, at Silverstone there is going to be V8 Supercars mixing it up with some Porsche Caymans, you would call me crazy. However, this is exactly what is going to happen on Saturday 18th April, while the world celebrates easter weekend from their homes for

Rf2 - Formula 3: British Championship (Q3 Write up & Highlights)

As the world entered lockdown, the F3 championship entered its final phase to crown the champion. So far it was L.Muller who had the advantage, but an ever more competitive D.Kalocsai threatened to claim the final remaining top spots before things were said and done. With Silvertone up next, the teams prepared for the intense fighting that would ensue. Round 5: Silverstone International: Watch HERE The grid prepares for the start of Silverstone International As usual, the qualifying session was full of exchanges down to the wire. D.Kalocsai once again showed us his talent behind the wheel of the MSV Formula 3 car, M.clipp from Royal Blue racing was also on point this round, joining the fron

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