CFEG's Lockdown Showdown - 11/04/2020

It's here! Covid-19 is everywhere and we must all now run away! Oh wait, I can't leave my house. You can't either? Well then we may as well have some fun. Yes, it is that time of year again ladies and gents where CFEG takes its serious hat off and puts on the Dunce replacement. The 1st April is fast approaching and that can only mean one thing. But, oh ye, that covid-19 thing means its been postponed to the 11th April....sorry about that. Moving on, it's time to forget that you havn't been able to purchase toilet paper in 2 weeks and sit that ass down onto your sim rig to race! (just burn it afterwards). Yes, despite this pandemic we will give our community the opportunity to destroy one ano

Rf2 - Formula 3: British Championship (Q2 Write up & Highlights)

CFEG's Formula 3 British Championship continued at Oulton Park for R3 of the series. The full circuit would need to be navigated for the full 25m duration in order to kick off the mid season battle for the title. After the first two opening rounds, L.Muller displayed dominance early on by occupying the top spot at Brands Hatch and Thruxton circuit. Oulton park was the opportunity to reverse his efforts, but would it be so easy to regain the lost ground? D.Kalocsai was still waiting for his first win, while D.Vidimari and T.Hakkinen were vying for a podium spot. The grid enter T1 at speed! Visiting Oulton Park, L.Muller would take pole position with D.Kalocsai alongside for the start. Behind

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