Rfactor2 - Formula 3: British Championship (Registration Open!)

It is time! Registration for our Formula 3 British Championship is now open! There are 30 spots up for grabs so get them while they are still hot. We expect the experience for this championship to range from Medium - High, so if your completely new to sim-racing we suggest getting behind the wheel and gain experience in another event. We hope that you will join us for this great series. The UK hosts a great range of circuits to sink your teeth into and thankfully allot of them have been carefully crafted into the RF2 workshop. You can obtain the circuits being used HERE (Under the General Information Tab) Read full details regarding the championship on our Website HERE Register HERE! We

iRacing - Classic Roar Before the 24!

A new One-Off event has appeared on the CFEG Calendar. A Blast from the past, CFEG will be hosting it's first ever event on iRacing.com. As a new decade begins, we will allow the old world to take centre stage one more time before 2020 kicks off. Using the Riley DP alongside the Porsche Cup Car, experience a unique challenge from the past and tame Daytona. In this 2.4 hour race, lose yourself to the past, to create fresh memories for the future. This is exciting news for CFEG. WE have always been open to new ideas and experiences and who doesn't love a bit of old racing. We say old as if we are going back to the 1980's, but the fact of the matter is that the Riley was only retired in and aro

iRacing - Team CFEG, Assemble! [2020 Special Events]

CFEG always loves a good challenge, for years we have been taking part in the iRacing Special events. 2018 Saw the team win several large events such as the 12h Sebring, 24h Le Mans and more. We even came home 2nd at this years 24h Daytona (2019), a circuit that continues to deny us the ultimate prize. This year has seen us take a backseat somewhat. After Daytona, drivers retreated to the real world and CFEG let each title slide through its fingers without a fight. This was dissapointing from an administrators viewpoint, but we undertsand that real life will always take priority over this virtual world of ours. Now though, 2019 will soon be behind us and a new battleground awaits. iRacing ha

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