Rfactor2 - You Choose the car! British Championship Jan 2020

Earlier in the year S397 released the Tatuus Formula 3 cars. Several variants all complying with their own set of regulations based on where they competed around the globe. These things are great fun, so CFEG announced that it would be hosting a 6 round championship using the MSV Formula 3 from January 2020. The series is a new feature to the CFEG line-up and is the first time the community has moved towards a dedicated Sprint race championship. The Tatuus Formula 3 MSV However, S397 have also just released the Porsche Cup GT3, a nimble and powerful piece of kit, with no ABS, no TC, just bare minimum racing fun requiring allot of attention and skill to perfect. So you could probably imagine

Lotus Elise @ Brands Hatch

So, for those that know me as an individual, you all know how much im trying to get onto the real race track. I've invested countless hours and £££ into my Mazda Rx8, in hopes that one day it will be ready to crash into a barrier at turn 1 with a stupid smile on my face. Sadly this is still something that requires some effort, and every now and again i get posts of events at my local circuit (Brands hatch) that I cannot refuse thanks to my "Urges". One such event was being hosted by David Pittard, a Top ARDS Instructor who has won the 24h Nordschliefe...ye, so I instantly started to beg my fiance to release the funds required to partake (despite it being my own damned money). She gracefully

WSCC - Calendar and Car Selection released!

Time flies when you're having fun. Already approaching winter at an alarming rate, CFEG thinks the time is right to release the details of Season 3 of the World Sports Car Challenge on Rfactor2. We have a great combinations of tracks and cars to choose from which we hope will attract those looking for something different, while at the same time providing the classics we all know and love. Interested? Then read on sir! The Cars Last year in 2018 CFEG took the Endurance pack (LMP2 + GTE) for the season, creating some spectacular moments while keeping the DLC packs to a bare minimum. We did find there were allot of DNF's as a result of the GTE choices however, their lack of ABS, Traction cont

CFEG's 12h Du Mans - Registration Opens Soon!

It is that time of year again. The 12 Hours Du Man returns to offer the sim racing community a chance to experience this spectacular event. Racing with x2 time acceleration, experience a 24h Cycle in either LMHC, LMP2 or GTE. Charge down the Mulsanne straight, slipstreaming behind your competitors to gain the advantage. Sweep through the Porsche Curves, dodging traffic and the concrete barriers. This truly is the pinnacle of motorsport, so come and experience our virtual world with CFEG. With so much new content being released by Studio 397, we are excited to announce that we shall be inviting the Mclaren Senna and new Aston Martin GTE to the grid for 2019. The two vehicles, both offering di

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