Rfactor2 - Petit Le Mans [Race Highlights]

CFEG told the sim racing world that once again we would be holding our annual Petit Le Mans. We promised an endurance race like no other as the narrow circuit of Road Atlanta played host to the event, boy did it delivery. Once more it displayed to us and to the drivers who took part what makes this race so special and unique. The sheer brutality and lack of sympathy shown by the racecourse added to the fire that already burned fiercely between the teams fighting for the top spots! As always, an event like this requires a lot of preparation, 38 teams attended the spectacle, with records showing over 100 drivers taking part in the event. Hours of practice and setup work would all come down to

Rfactor2 - Pacific GT - Registration Open!

We announced some time ago that we would be introducing a new GT championship before our winter series finally kicks off. As promised, today is the day that we finally unveil what we have been working on for so long. The Pacific GT series is finally ready to launch, with 4 rounds in quick succession the series will be fast paced and full of unexpected action. The will try to replicate the Super GT series, the Japanese championship hosts a large variety of GT500 and GT300 machinery, with several manufacturers investing big numbers to claim the top spot. Our virtual championship will give drivers a small teaser of this amazing championship as it visits some of Asia's best circuits. The Tracks

Rfactor2 - Petit Le Mans Arrives!

This post can only mean one thing, and that is that the annual CFEG Petit Le Mans has finally arrived. The time has come for 40 teams, 80+ drivers to take to the stage and prove to the crowd that they are the true masters of Road Atlanta. This cradle of cars, this oasis of the motoring world will give us the show it always has done. Three classes will take to the tarmac in a bid to claim the crown, for it will be theirs to hold and cherish for 12h months before the next challenge can be made. This event is therefore one of the highlights, one of the few places where drivers will devote endless hours to practice, setup work, painting their cars and perfecting their liveries for all to see. Th

Rfactor2 - Calm before the storm!

Tensions are on the rise as CFEG's annual Petit Le Mans draws ever closer. The track of Road Atlanta will bare witness to just over 40 teams take the green in a gruelling 10 hour test to prove they have what it takes to take the crown. Road Atlanta will not make it easy for them. A narrow strip of tarmac guides the way, with slippery grass and high concrete walls on each flank to meet any poor soul who dares to test the track limits here. For those readying themselves for the storm ahead, what can we expect from the event and what makes it so special? For those that don't already know, The Petit Le Mans is one of the most prestigious motorsport events in the world. It is a fairly young event

British Formula 3 - Coming this Winter!

As always, CFEG likes to notify it's members of any upcoming Championships/Events so that you can plan ahead to get your virtual racing fix. We would like to announce that as of Winter 2019 we shall be introducing our new Open wheel Formula 3 British Championship! The series will run alongside our World Sports Car Challenge and offer drivers a much smaller package compared to our usual 3-6 hour races. Travel across the UK and visit some of its most iconic and challenging circuits covering 6 rounds. This car has ample power, limited downforce and skinny tires to ensure it challenges even the most talented drivers, place it on some of the UK's most iconic circuits and you have one potent mix!

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