iRacing's 24h Le Mans - CFEG is Ready!

Once again CFEG is presented with an endurance event from This time it is the 24h of Le Mans, the pinnacle of motorsport and endurance racing. The Circuit De La Sarthe takes no prisoners, from the very beginning our drivers will be thrown into a frenzy for the lead, dodging traffic and perfecting each apex until the chequered flag. It shall not be easy, the circuit itself shall prove a worthy apponent, changing and developing as the timer runs down to zero. Last year CFEG took the chequered flag in first place in the LMP2 HPD, so it was only common sense to defend our title and re-enter this years event. We will be looking to extend our list of victories, to prove that it wasn't

CFEG's 12h Du Mans + PTLM dates Released

Here at CFEG we like to keep our members up to date as much as possible. Thats why we are announcing our annual 12h Du Mans and Petit Le Mans in advance. Save the dates of these two amazing one-off-events to ensure you don't miss out! CFEG's Petit Le Mans Date: 10/08/2019 This is why CFEG loves the Off-Season! It's that time of year when we can sit back relax and host some awesome events. Similar to last year, CFEG is once again hosting the Petit Le Mans at the legendary circuit of Road Atlanta. Choose from LMP2, GTE or this years newly introduced GTC category (Flat 6). With so many vehicle choices, there will be something to suit your style. Choose the LMP2, a light carbon chassis powered

Rfactor2 - Formula V @ Brands Indy

The new Formula V cars are a great little bundle of joy. Released as part of the Rieza Studios Package they are the perfect open wheel vehicle to perfect racecraft and skill. These little things are powered by a VW beetle engine, stripped out and attached with super glue to the lightest chassis that can be found to create the Formula V car. Lightweight, No rear wing, little areodynamics and skinny tires makes this one of the most enjoyable Formula's to drive. They are touchy too, so smooth driving will be heavily rewarded. So why not join CFEG for some open wheel madness this summer? You wont regret it. Lives stream and commentary as per usual, we wouldn't want to miss anything awesome now w

Raceroom - 90m Of Silverstone [GT3 + GT4]

CFEG is returning to Raceroom! The sim has undergone some significant changes in recent builds, allowing more user/administrative controls which were so badly lacking in the past. Mix that with some exciting new content to play with, we could not resist. It has always been a great sim, so it's time to dust off the old girl and start new events! So what did we come up with for our return? why none of that a GT3 + GT4 combination to honour the GT Master series we hosted before we left. Take on Silverstone in this one-off event on Raceroom. Brave the entrance of Maggots & Becketts in GT3 and GT4 machinery as you fight for victory in your class. Will you take the agile, sleek Lotus Evora? Or wil

90m of VIR - Write up/Highlights

Once again we challenged our community and they answered in kind. The 90m of VIR saw drivers take their machines to this deadly narrow piece of tarmac located in the United States. GTE and GT3 cars lined up two by two for the start of what would be a gruelling race. ​​ Cars lined up two-by-two for the start The qualifying session saw the front runners push another to the upper-most limits. D.Vidimari would steal pole position for Team RSI in GTE, his teammate T.Urbinati would hold onto 2nd place for a long time, before Fair racing's P.Holt split the two RSI cars, claiming that P2 spot. Just outside the podium was T.Jansen, not able to find that extra tenth to secure P3. The Rest of the GTE

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