WSCC - New Pitstop update for Road Atlanta

As an Endurance, Multi-Class Racing league, we always want to deepen the realism and immersion that comes with the sport. In real life, pitstop strategy plays a key role in the race to the chequered flag. Different tyres compounds carry different opportunities. At Le Mans, Audi triple stinted their tyres to beat Peugeout to the flag by just a few seconds. So, naturally we want to have this type of racing in our events and championships. Those of you that have been with CFEG for some time know that we have been working hard to implement a small change to the pitstops. We want to change the current system so that Fuel and Tyres are done SEPERATELY, now this may sound like a small change, but t

iRacing - It's a double podium for Team CFEG at the 24h Daytona!

It's a good start to 2019 for the Chequered Flag iRacing endurance team as they take home P2 in both the GT3 and Daytona Prototype class. Both cars had to perform a recovery drive of a lifetime after issues early on send both cars down the order in their respective classes. From there on every lap, ever overtake and every second would count towards the end result. Our drivers, some of which making their debut appearance, gave 100% from the moment they stepped into the car. Of course, Daytona is one of those circuits that has denied us an overall win. So the desire and pressure to win this year was truly real and felt among the team. However, this does not take away from the fact that what we

WSCC - Portimao to Replace Laguna Seca for R5

It was a fairly chaotic round last week for R4 at Le Mans but there was still some fantastic racing taking place. Moving forward to the next round we was really looking forward to a stress free Round 5 at Laguna Seca. However, it appears that a very small number of individuals are not able to run Laguna Seca for some unknown reason. We are investigating the issue as best as we can in hopes that we can still use this great circuit. As a result of what happened at Le mans a week ago, along with some issues beginning to appear at Laguna Seca, we are postponing the circuits appearance, replacing it with Portimao. This great circuit has allot to offer, blind apex's and fast high speed corners lit

iRacing - Here we are again [24h daytona]

It is now 2019 and iRacing have already announced their line up of special events. It is a tightly packed list of legendary circuits and cars aimed at satisfying our addiction for endurance racing. With CFEG having their most successful year in 2018, we are hoping for similar success as we move forward. Straight away we are thrown into the fire as the 24h Daytona takes place at the end of January. This circuit has always been one of our favourites to race on, however the feeling is not mutual. Time after time the circuit has punished us, with our best result being 2nd place in the Daytona Prototype C7 last year after a crushing defeat in the final hours of the event. Even our trusty Mercedes

WSCC - The Battle Rages on. On to Le Mans!

It's been a strong start to the second Season of the World Sports Car Challenge, with several teams going wheel to wheel for the overall top spot after just 3 rounds. However, now everyone has fattened up with mince pies and turkey, it's time to move into 2019 and the rest of the season. Starting with a bang, Le Mans will launch WSCC into 2019 with a bang. The legendary circuit will be the fourth round of the season, while also being the first round to run from Day>Night. This then will set the tone for the remainder of the season, the never-ending Mulsanne straight, the relentless and unforgiving Porsche curves, as well as the many heavy braking zones will push the teams to the edge of wh

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