iRacing - CFEG's New Audi R8 GT3

Once again Team CFEG Expands it's fleet of cars on the iRacing platform in hopes it will broaden our experience and choices when it comes to participating in large events. Not long ago we added the Ford GTE to our lineup of officially painted cars. This time, we add the very photogenic and downright gorgeous Audi R8 GT3. Subtle curves, aggresive lines and an engine that will destroy ear drums, this car will turn heads no matter where it goes. The paint scheme outlines and highlights what CFEG enjoys the most, with the 24h logo being placed on the bonnet showcasing out dedication and commitment to endurance events on The mixture of blue and black accompany the bodywork perfectly

Want2Race - What An Experience!

So one day I was browsing social media, looking at pictures of everyone's dinners that they deemed fit to share with the world for some unknown reason. I was about to close the browser when I see an advert for "Want2Race", get a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a fully funded season of real-life racing. It seemed too good to be true, they would allow me of all people into their race car? A man who has zero real-life track experience and just sits at his computer desk driving pixel cars all day? (not even that much anymore to be honest) Naturally, I was curious, I registered my details and eagerly awaited a response to find out if I would have to sell a limb in order to take part (This i

WSCC - Half Full in Half a week!

This saturday we announced the second season of the World Sports Car Challenge. The rfactor2 series has already attracted the attention of several teams, with both championship winners from last season ready to defend their titles. Two classes, LMP2 and GTE are available to those willing to take up the challenge for the crown. New circuits, with DX11 visuals and the newest textures from Studio 397 fill the calendar for the championship. Take on the gruilling challenge that only endurance racing can offer. Dive in and out of traffic while maximising performance from your car, liaise with teammates to perfect your strategy. Claim victory at some of the most iconic circuits such as Sebring, Day

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