1.2H of Bathurst - 9th Septemeber

Welcomes to the Mountain. A narrow, treacherous tarmac path that only the most talented can survive. Simulating the 12h Molly endurance race held once every year in Australia, CFEG will be hosting its own little version to get a taste of what its like to partake in this incredible event. Take the new WTCR cars to the track, front wheel drive and all the power in the world will make for some interesting action on top of the mountain. Or choose the nimble and fast GTR3 cars. One thing is for certain though, traffic management, control and pace are one thing, but in order to win you must first survive. Sign up today and claim the mountain! Full details below. Signup Link - https://www.cfegsignu

Raceroom - 90m Space this weekend !

This weekend CFEG will be hosting its first WEC Style race on the Raceroom sim. Take LMP1, LMP2 or GTR3 to the circuit of Spa Francorchamps and claim the top spot in your respective class. Duck and dive through traffic while going toe-to-toe with your fellow competitors, you wont want to miss this one. Time is running out, as there are only a few slots remaining on the grid. The sign up sheet has now been unlocked. which means players are now free to overbook whichever class they desire. So what are you waiting for! sign up and enjoy a great challenge this weekend at CFEG. Full details are below. Contact Information Should you have any questions please contact CFEG via our: email @ chequered

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