One Off Event - 1 Hour of Nurburgring GP [Raceroom]

Suzuka has just been completed and now we must look ahead to our next one off event, with the Raceroom Endurance Series delayed until Autumn, we will continue to host our one off events through the remaining summer months for Raceroom. The next challenge to present itself is a 1 hour event at the Germany circuit of Nurburgring GP. Being one of Racerooms most popular circuits, as well as being home to the Raceroom Cafe, we hope that this event will gather allot of interest from the community. A narrow circuit, this will certainly offer a unique challenge to both LMP2 and GT3 competitors alike. The GP circuit is well known for good wheel-to-wheel action and im sure that this will be no excepti

CFEG's - Petit Le Mans!! (Rfactor2)

I mean, come on. Did this really come as a surprise? No? Then thankfully it appears you trust us to bring you the very best when it comes to endurance racing events here at CFEG. we received great feedback from the last event, so here is hoping for a repeat as we move forward into the Summer months. After the 12 hours of Le Mans we just couldn't think of anything else to do other than visit the famous Road Atlanta for the Petit Le Mans. Created in 1998 by the circuit owner the Petit Le Mans was instantly integrated with the IMSA. Hosting a variety of cars and classes it quickly became a renouned and respected endurance event, with teams travelling from across the globe to compete and claim v

One Off Event - GT3 @ Oulton Park (Rfactor2)

Friday nights are returning to CFEG. Its been a while since our Porsche Cup championship finished back in April time. Of course summer is when CFEG hosts their one off events, so we thought we would go to some of the UK's iconic circuits, the first of which will be Oulton Park. Located in north west England this small but fast circuit will offer some great wheel-to-wheel action! After holding a pole to decide which cars will be used for these events (although we shall continue to host some fun random events), it was the S397 DLC content that came out on top. This means that competitors will have a choice of 5 GT3 cars to pick from, including the Radical RXC Turbo GT3 car, which has never bee

CFEG's 12 Heures Du Mans - The Story (Highlights)

CFEG's first ever 12 hour event finally arrived on the 19th May last Saturday. Visiting the legendary circuit of Le Mans, it demonstrated the dedication and enjoyment the community has when it comes to endurance multiclass racing. This was a race to remember and we received some great feedback from all those who participated. Of course when we was organizing our first event over 6 hours long, we just had to visit this circuit for our first true taste of endurance racing. Teams experienced a full 24h cycle with weather on x2 acceleration, creating an experience they will not forget anytime soon. Watch the live stream of the race @ the field lines

CFEG's - 12 Heurs Du Mans

The pinnacle of Multi-class Endurance Racing. Held in the hearland of France since 1923, it is one of the most prestigious and challenging races in the world and has been known as the "Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency". The Event only takes place once every year, with teams travelling from around the globe to claim victory in what is a vast and rich heritage of motorsports finest cars and teams. So, we just couldn't resist. This will be CFEG's longest ever event, spanning an entire 12 hours of adrenaline filled racing against some very competitive opponents. Using the very latest version of Enduracers Endurance Mod, we offer YOU the chance to win your very own Le Mans race without havi

WSCC - Daytona 6 Hours (Finale)

So yes, this is a bit overdue. However the excitment and tension that was seen at Daytona for the final round of the World Sports Car challenge still remains to a degree. Its a circuit that can make or break you, with those high cambered oval corners, guarded by concrete mountains on the sides, as well as having the insanely fast turn 1, which I myself have had the pleasure of meeting once or twice before. This round then, was a survival game. For those that did attend that evening, despite having only 17 cars on track, they all completed the race with huge grins on their faces. Battles for the first 3 hours of the race between lmp2 and GT3 cars, Spins and contact by the leaders! This race h

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