One Off Event - 1.2h Bathurst (Raceroom)

A new one off event is taking place on Raceroom with CFEG as your hosts. With the real life Liqui molly 12h Bathurst behind us, we look to repliacate the glory of the race (even though it was complete carnage) with our own 1.2 hour event. Below you can find the full details Signup Link - Spotter Guide Link - Event Information Date - Sunday 25th February 2018 Event - 1.2 Hours of Bathurst Class - GT3 & WTCC 2016 Practice - 18:45GMT 45 Minutes Qualifying - 19:30GMT 30 Minutes Race - 20:00GMT 80 Minutes Server Settings Difficulty - Get Real Number of Players - 36 Tire Wear - X1 Fuel Usage - X2 Visual Damage - Realistic Mechanical Damage - On Flag Rule

GT Masters - Round 3 Approaches (Monza)

Round 3 of the Gt master series takes place this saturday. The championship will challenge drivers to take on the circuit of Monza for a 90m endurance event with both GTR3 and Audi TT RS cars battleing it out for overal victory. The circuit of Monza is a classic. Fast long straights, fast flowing cambered corners and a turn one with a reputation of creating some of the best and worst overtake in motorsport history, remind those of a time when circuits where designed to allow the old forumla 1 cars to truly test their top speeds. Don't be fooled, this track can bite, as the tarmac narrows and widens throughout the circuit, with gravel traps on both sides to catch out anyone who lapses in conc

WSCC - 6 Hours of Sebring Signals the Half way point!

Last night, the competitors of the Worlds Sports Car Challenge visited the Circuit of Sebring for round 6 of the championship! The race signals the half way point of the series, with only 5 further rounds between now and the end of April. Therefore, the points won by the teams yesterday could prove vital to their championship hopes as the series becomes more and more popular within the Rfactor2 Community. The round saw a record number of teams attend, with 27 on the grid, all of which had 2-3 drivers per car. That in itself shows how many people attended last night in a series that is growing and looking forward to a very bright future in sim racing. The teams all lined up behind the safety,

WSCC - Important: Skin pack Implemented

A week ago we asked everyone to send us their updated .Mas files before we went into round 6 of WSCC (Sebring) in an attempt to resolve the issue surrounding paint scheme. Thanks to the help of Daniel Vidimari and others, we successfully discovered a way to ensure that everyone's paint scheme loads correctly and without any crossover issues. Why the Change? We had several reports from drivers that they where having issues - Creating a virtual ride - Constructing their own .MAS file - issues downloading skins from other users, resulting in yellow "blobs" - issues downloading other skins, resulting in everyone being displayed as the same vehilce "everyone Ferraris (even lmp2's) for example the

WSCC - 6 Hrs of Sebring (Race 6/11)

The WSCC reaches the point of no return this saturday as we visit Sebring for round 6 of the championship. GT3 and LMP2 teams prepare themselves for the gruelling task ahead as Sebring boasts the huge task of completing this 6H event. Witness day to night transition as the drivers are faced with a variety of conditions, the blistering sun during the day, followed by a cold and dark world at night. With only their own headlights to show them to the chequered flag, this will be no easy task.. So far it has been the story of 1 team in LMP2, Max Grip endurance have won 5/5 races thus far in the championship, though this is not to say it has been easy for them. Breathing down their necks are #55

One Off Event - 90m Bathurst (Rfactor2)

With the real life Liqui Molly 12h Bathurst out of the way, we thought we would host our own little mini version on Rfactor2 to keep that buzz alive a little bit longer (Raceroom event also on its way). So choose your poison from the several URD GTE cars on offer, and get ready to tame the mountain! Do we really need to say much about bathurst? Narrow tarmac, concrete walls and a feeling that death is just around the next corner for pretty much every second of the event. Its time to go racing! Full details Event Type - One Off Event Date - 18/02/18 Times (GMT) Practice - 1830 Hrs (45m) Qualy - 1915 Hrs (40m) Warm up - 1955 Hrs (5m) Race - 2000 Hrs (90m) Mods: URD (Payed private content) GTE

One Off Event - 90m of Road America (Raceroom)

CFEG visits Road America for the first time on Raceroom! Take GTR3 or The Daytona Prototype LMP2 in this 90 minute endurance event. The circuit is fast, twisty and merciless. Testing even the most talented sim racers ability to keep it on the tarmac. Dive through traffic while racing fellow competitors, experience x2 fuel use, allowing strategy and tactics to be brought into play. Join us on the tarmac this sunday at CFEG! Signup Link - Spotter Guide Link - Event Information Date - Sunday 11th February 2018 Event - 90 Minutes of Road America Class - Daytona Prototype (P2) & All GT3 Cars Practice - 18:45GMT 45 Minutes Qualifying - 19:30GMT 30 Minute

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