iRacing - Team CFEG Prepare for the Daytona 24h

It's been a while since i've blogged about endurance racing, even longer when it comes to an iRacing event such as this one. The Daytona 24 is the first of many special events being held at iRacing this year, certainly, it gives endurance fans a kick start to the year, as this is probably one of the most prestigious titles any sim racer can achieve. Of course this title and prestige owes itself to the real life road series known as the IMSA. Although we dont have the opportunity to torch the tarmac of Daytona in super fast cadillacs or mazdas, there is still a great challenge for those who enter this event. There will always be those who say that what we do is just a video game, a worthless

GT Master Series Launches Tomorrow!

The GT Master Series will launch tomorrow as CFEG's second endurance multiclass series. The track of Indianapolis will be the first to witness the fire and fury of both GT3 and Audi TTRS cars as they torch the tarmac in an attempt to win the first round of the season. The track is no easy challenge, fast but narrow corners litter the circuit from every angle, challenging even the most talented drivers to test the track limits and beyond to obtain the fastest line. Hold on to your seats and brace for impact as the GT master series goes live tomorrow! We wish you all the very best of luck! Its not too late to register, just follow these simple steps Step 1: Head over to our website @ http://ww

One Off Event - F1 1996 @ Spa Francochamp

Another one off fun event to wet your racing appetite, we will be using the newly updated F1 1996 mod by SL1DE at the legendary Spa-Francorchamps on the 23/01/18. These great cars sent shivers down the spines of all who witnessed (and heard) them. High downforce, breakneck speed and a noise that will make your ears bleed all come together on this legendary circuit for a 60 minute event. Choose your poison, its all smiles from here on out gents ;) Here are the details: Date : 23/1/18 Qualifying : 7.30 PM (UTC) 20 mins Race : 7.55 PM (UTC) 60 mins Links : Track : Car :

WSCC - 3 Hours of Bahrain takes place!

It was a tough race on Saturday at Bahrain as round 4 of the World Sports Car Challenge on RFactor2 went ahead. The 3 hour night race presented a great challenge for both the LMP2 + GT3 cars as they fought their way to the front of the pack. After the Green flag dropped it was Exiled motorsport, Max Grip Endurance and Rapid Racing who led the way as the three teams could not be seperated for the first 2 hours of the race, Pit stops, driver changes and traffic management saw them all take the lead of the race at one point or another, it truly was insane to watch. However it would be Max grip endurance who would take victory despite suffering minor damage after the three teams went three wide

WSCC - The Action Continues...

CFEG's RFactor2 series returns in 2018 for round 4 of the championship! The World Sports Car Challenge will ask drivers and their teams to navigate the circuit of Bahrain for a 3 Hour test of concentration and outright speed! LMP2 and GT3 cars will fight side by side to take the chequered flag for this round that will take place during the night. Flashing lights, limited visibility and traffic management are all key to winning this round. Lets see who has what it takes! Want to Join? - There are still a few slots remaining, or apply for our reserve list if full. Below is a full and up to date spotter guide as of 05/01/18 The Calendar: Next round (Bahrain)

One off Event - 1 Hour of Le Man (Group C)

With a break in the Friday night races its give us chance to have a little fun. With that in mind we thought we would blow out the cob webs and get the Group C beasts on the track!. To really get the most out of those engines we thought of no better place than the legendary Circuit La Sarthe home of the Lemans 24hr. It will be a 1 hour race with the time scale at x25 to give us a feel of the 24hr race crammed into 1hr. No sign up is required but the server will be pass-worded the info will be in the general tab in discord. As always any questions or problems please let us know. Server : CFEG Group C fun Date : 5 / 1 / 18 Qualifying : 8.00 pm (UTC) Link to cars

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