Join CFEG for the first EVER Multi-class event @ Sepang

Once again, CFEG offers you all the chance to take part in the very first EVER Sepang Multiclass Endurance event with the 90 minutes of Sepang. Take GTR3 and LMP2 to the grid and challenge everyone to the chequered flag at this amazing new track from Raceroom. Located in Asia, Sepang is well known for hosting a variety of racing series, most noteably Formula 1. CFEG will invite players to test their limits at this legendary circuit, lets see who comes out on top. Game on! You can read the full details on our forum here -

Get a taste of Multiclass racing - x2 Public events

Get a tase of Multiclass racing this month with CFEG as we host two 40+ minute races on the 1st and 8th October at 8pm BST. We will be visiting the circuits of Laguna Seca and Bathurst with a mixture of GTR3, Audi TT's and the new BMW 235I. Check out the calendar (, register your interest, also feel free to join our discord channel @

RES - Round 4 (Slovakia Ring) De-Brief + Highlights

The Raceroom Endurance Series took place at Slovakiaring in this heated 4th round of the championship. With a good amount of points still on offer throughout the remaining races it was all to play for here at this relatively new racetrack in the heart of Slovakia. You can read the full race De-Brief on our website on the link below -

RES - Round 4 is upon us!

Silverstone offered us some good close fights in both classes, once again demonstrating just how quick and compact the competition is in RES. We saw G.Ortner and J.Dalton go toe-to-toe for the whole 90 minutes! If that wasnt close enough then GT3 had a fight for P1 in the first and last stints as well. However, now that silverstone is behind us we must look forward to the next round which takes us to Slovakia Ring. This track is all about good balance and consistency, with the first and last sectors offering high speed cornering, mixed with the tight hairpins of Sector 2. LMP2's will have to be careful navigating traffic in order to maintain the lead for this event as the track becomes very

Radical Sprint Series - Round 3 Oulton Park

After a low turn out Oulton Park delivered some surprises, with qualifying separating the top 6 with less than a second showed us that it was going to be a close race. With Johan Cuadrado winning pole and leading from start to finish showed that the battle was not going to be for the lead. With 2 unexpected DNF's from Dave Boon and Dan Lee opened up the grid for some close battles between David Plummer and Steve Serpant. Unfortunately Steves tyres were to worn to wage a full race battle that saw him dropping off near the end of the race. Thanks to all for taking part see you on the next race!

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