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Sim-Racing Soldiers

Sim Racing Soldiers is a new idea we are introducing to let off some steam and have some fun in an environment other than a car cockpit. If you love modern military equipment, working in a small team to achieve a variety of objectives, or support ground troops from up above in attack helicopters, this is the place for you.

Using modded content, step into the shoes of a British soldier on deployment in one of many active warzones. Help identify terrorist activity in a specified role, neutralising them to return the area to normality.

The Location's

You will be part of a small team of British Infantry Soldiers deployed in a location suffering from active terrorism. Each deployment will contain new hostiles with their own unique capabilities & equipment.

With new terrain comes new challenges, with civilians & friendly patrols being carried out around you as you seek to achieve your objectives.

Visit several theatres such as
- Altis
- Afghanistan
- Tanoa
- Livonia
And more...


The Mission

Using the limited resources available you & your team will be tasked with completing a set of objectives to return the local area to normality. These tasks will vary in both complexity & difficulty.

Expected tasks can vary from:
- Neutralise the Officer/s
- Disarm IED
- Protect the Village
- Patrol into Hostile Territory
- Attack the Training Camp
- Secure the Bomb expert
- Secure Stolen equipment
And More...

The Gear

Modded content has been chosen to help us provide an authentic experience for someone in the British Army. Choose to take on one of many roles such as AT, Medic or Rifleman & support your team in that capacity. (Realistic Loadouts enforced by admins).

Equipment, such as ammo, helicopters and vehicles are not replaced when lost, forcing teams to preserve the assets they have to complete all their tasks.

Use modern British equipment such as:
- Wildcat Helicopters
- L85A2 Rifles & variants such as LSW
- Warrior Armoured vehicles & Challenger 2 Tanks
And much more...



How to Join?

Mature players are welcome to join at any time. To obtain information on times & dates, please access our Discord server where you will find the new "Arma 3" channel.

Admins will post in good time when the next Operation will take place. All you need to do is give us a thumbs up & join the action on the day!


There will naturally be limited vacancies available. However larger missions can be created should we reach full capacity.

NOTE: Though this is for fun, a degree of realism and seriousness is expected when it comes to behaviour.

The Mods

The Game mode chosen is "OPEX". It is well suited to small Squads of players and offers a variety of objectives to keep members on their toes.

Mods: Size Roughly 50-60GB


Please ensure the following mods are installed PRIOR to joining the event. Failure to do so will result in a poor experience due to mismatched content.